I'm buying the English volumes as soon as they get imported to where I live, so I haven't read the latest chapters of Idol Dreams. I'll update this page when I've been able to read more volumes.

Chikage (Akari) Deguchi

Chikage is a very ordinary and reserved person, she has lived a very plain and unspectular life. She doesn't have any hobbies and looks like a typical office worker. She even goes to a party in her working clothes. She rarely tries any new things and always uses the same make up. She has lived a quite lonely life without any real friends and boyfriend. She is however very kind and good at working, and was a typical model student when she was in Middle School. She was like a beautiful princess, but she didn't know that she was popular with the boys until the day of graduation. She now regrets for not living her life when she was young. Thanks to Tokita's drug I-Dream, she decides to relive her youth as an idol named Akari. She wants to become brave and bright.


Tokita was in the same class as Chikage in Middle School. As many other guys, he was in love with her, but he never had the courage to tell her about his feelings. He was similar to Chikage personality wise, but he is more outgoing now as a grown up than she is. He now works for a pharmaceutical company as someone who developes medicine. He has created an experimental drug called I-Dream which makes the body around 15 years younger for a few hours. His research is stopped, so most side effects are still unknown. Anyhow, Chikage decides to try out his drug and suddenly gets the chance to be an idol. Tokita is the only one knowing about her taking the drug and supports her. He still has feelings for her after all those years.

Hibiki Maido

Hibiki looks like Chikage's first Middle School crush Haru. He's a prodigy composer with a huge confidence but he can be a bit rude. He's part of an idol group named Valentine. He burns passionately for music and wants to learn everything about it. Chikage admires him and his determination, she wants to be as bright as him.